Save Your Interest With ICICI Bank “Money Saver Home Loan”


ICICI Bank Home LoanFeatures of ICICI Bank Money Saver Home Loan

  • Follow Processing of a Normal Home Loan
  • A current or Saving Account Linked with this Money Saver Home Loan
  • Money Parked in this linked account will reduce your interest portion of your home loan
  • Per day Interest calculated
  • you may use your Parked money any time.

For an Example, You Have taken a loan of 20 lakh at 8.75% for 240 months.

Your EMI for first month is 17675/- with interest of 14583 & principle amount is 3092.

Suppose you have parked 5 lakh rupees in you linked account. Now your EMI of 17675/- is same but interest part reduces to 10994 rupees & principal part increases to 6681/- for the first month. Now you have saved 3589 interest. It reduces your effective outstanding of your loan.

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