Personal Loan

A personal loan is a loan that does not require collateral or security and is offered with minimal documentation. You can use the funds from this loan for any legitimate financial need. Like any other loan, you must repay it accordance to the agreed terms with the bank.

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Funds from a personal loan can be used for any purpose like For marriage, Medical Expense, Business , Renovation of House etc.


  •  Loan Term: 6 months to 84 months (Varies from company to company)
  •  Rate : Ranges From 10.49% to 24% (Depends upon Profile & Company)
  •  Process Time : 4 hrs to 72 hrs (Varies from company to company)

Eligibility Criteria For a Personal Loan

  • Minimum Age Limit : 23 yrs
  • Maximum Age Limit :  65** Yrs
  • Minimum Income : 15000 Per Month
  • Minimum Cibil Score: 650 or -1
  • Minimum Job/Business Vintage : 2* years
  • Minimum Loan Amount: 50 K

There are various of different Personal loan offers/Schemes from various banks Banks/NBFC’s are there for every customer. Our Professional Team guided the customer to choose a most suited product offers as per their need.

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